With the complexity of everyone’s lives nowadays there is this inherent need to get back to basics. Consequently, it is no surprise that there seems to be a movement happening, a movement to return to our roots.

With the trees coming down and many houses going up in our suburban neighbourhood, we were craving simplicity and sustainability for us, our 3 girls and dog. Thus began the search for our dream property.

After years of searching, the property in Luskville that we had been eyeing, finally came up for sale and we quickly put in an offer. We moved into our small five acre farm and lovingly christened it Mountain View Farm in 2016. It was an adjustment from city life but we feel it is the best life we can offer our girls and we hope you come along with us on our journey.

Our calling is to help people craft a life they love and to bring creativity into it. We feel it is important to take care of our planet and we love bringing people together through collaborations, workshops, retreats and fairs.  Renee has taught mixed media across Canada and in the US for the better part of a decade but her favourite place to teach and create is in her country studio on the farm.

We love all things vintage, mindfully made goods and the lost arts & skills of our past. We are coming full circle and no matter your background or occupation, people have come to desire a more authentic life where family values and personal relationships prevail. Our goal is to inspire you to live your life with intention, creative flair and to help you follow your bliss!!

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